I’m Angry

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Yes, I’m Angry

It actually feels right.

For those who know me, that’s not something I’ve said very often.  I was raised not to express anger or any strong emotions.  Anger was “wrong.”  Anger was “bad.”  There was only one person in my family of origin who could be angry, and most of my early life was spent learning how to avoid that anger.  I became an expert on reading the moods and warning signs in that context .  It’s what I had to do to survive and cope.

This morning, I received some news on an issue that doesn’t really matter in the context of this post.  After I read the information, I became angry.  What is more, my anger was and is justified.  This was something worth getting angry about.

Old Habits Die Hard

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Albuquerque by Richard P. Lozinsky

Albuquerque: A Guide to Its Geology and Culture by Richard P. Lozinsky, A Book Review by Bart Breen

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I Knew I Should Have Taken that Left Turn at Albuquerque ….

(Note: This review was originally written in 2005)

Albuquerque is probably most famous for being the place that Bugs Bunny knew he should have taken that left turn at. But it is so much more!

Albuquerque is a beautifully situated city at the foot of the Sandia Mountains with some geographical features that are among the most unique and interesting in the world. This book does it justice. Well written and wonderfully illustrated this book catches the eye and helps visitor and resident alike appreciate the geological bounty and mineral wealth as well as the cultural diversity of this region.

The first 65 pages lay out the academic and historical information that must be understood and appreciated to get the most out of the rest of the book which provides turn by turn directions to get out and experience for yourself what the pictures show.

Well enough done that even if you do not intend to do the trips, you will get a great deal of pleasure just reviewing the book and soaking in the beautiful pictures and illustrations of Albuquerque.

Photo by coyote521

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