The Cure for Toxic Churches and Leaders

Followers Must Change

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In a recent article, I highlighted some of the work of Jean Lipman-Blumen.   Professor Lipman-Blumen is generally recognized in the field of Organizational Leadership as a leading authority on the issue of Toxic Leadership.

Toxic Leadership is a somewhat nebulous term.  What some people see as a toxic leader may to others, be something of a hero.  There’s not a hard and fast definition that labels an individual as a toxic leader.  It has more to do with the actual dynamics of the relationship between leader and followers and then it also has to do with the culture and dynamics of the organization as a whole.

There’s no such thing as perfect people or perfect organizations.  When the organization exists more to meet the needs of the leader as opposed to the individuals and the organization as a whole, then that’s where the “tipping point” hits and the organization and leader can then be described as “toxic.”

In general, a church or other organization, which is characterized by an unhealthy relationship between a leader and followers, and/or where the leader is elevated to a position of being beyond question and accountability is based first and foremost, not on the leader but on the needs, attitudes and behaviors of the followers.

Toxic Organizations Change when the Followers Change

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