Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings, A DVD Movie Review by Bart Breen

Cool Runnings is an Inspirational and Entertaining Movie

Cool Runnings is a film that takes a few liberties with the actual events to come up with a an inspirational screenplay. It helps that the characters don’t take themselves too seriously. This movie really had a lot of opportunities to take itself too seriously and yet it avoids the temptation.

This is the story of the Jamaican Bobsled team which captured the imagination of the world during a past Winter Olympics.  While the film itself is entertaining, it is also of worth in other areas.

Of particular interest and impact to me was the sub-story between Junior and his Father. Films can be therapeutic. This one proved to be a surprising opportunity to work through my own sense of disconnection with my father.  This film is often provided in film libraries for men’s CoDA (Codependents Anonymous) groups.  The relationship featured between “Junior” and his father, whom is played by James Earl Jones, is powerful and illustrative.

Many will find that to be surprising as well but it is there and in my mind it elevates the value of the film quite a bit.

Cool Runnings is a worthwhile flick for the whole family.  The movie is, in my opinion, one of John Candy’s better performances as well and one which shows the talent of this comedic actor who sadly, died far too early in his career.

5 stars because it brings value outside of just being an entertaining film.

bart breen

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Emotional Integrity

mask photo

the mask by wolfgangfoto

Dropping the Mask for Emotional Integrity

I’ve been using the word emotional integrity a lot lately.  What it means is to be emotionally connected and aware of what you are feeling and able to express it (appropriately) in whatever given context you find yourself.  Before I became aware of this term and this way of living, I used terms like “Dropping the Mask”.  I learned a great deal about that from my friend (and I dare to call him a friend although I’ve only met him once) John Lynch.

Being in the Moment

I’ve long known the concept and have been re-learning how to live in a way that remains emotionally connected.  I’ve been practicing in my life, my personal relationships and online “dropping that mask” and being honest about who I am, where I’ve been in the past, what I’m feeling now and who I want to be in the future.  More than anything to do with the past or the future, Emotional Integrity though is just about being “present” and being “connected” with what is going on around me.

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